Our Community

Volunteers organize events and activities that bring joy and comfort to our patients

At Annai Aadhuragam Hospice, we believe that volunteering is a rewarding experience that provides an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of others. We welcome volunteers who share our passion for compassionate care and who are committed to providing comfort and support to those in need. 


Medical and Healthcare Volunteering
We welcome medical and healthcare volunteers who can provide expertise and support to our hospice team. These volunteers work closely with our physicians and nursing staff, providing medical care and expertise to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care. Volunteers may also assist with administrative tasks or provide specialized services such as massage therapy, music therapy, or pet therapy.

Visit our patients to Support

Volunteering at Annai Aadhuragam Hospice can take many forms, but the most important is our Volunteer Support program where you visit our patients. 


By spending your time with our patients, listening to their stories, and offering words of encouragement, you provide comfort and support during difficult times. A reason to visit our hospice can be to celebrate your birthdays or special days with us or give the patients a surprise by celebrating their birthdays at our place or just teach us cooking!

Here is the tour of our hospice by our beloved thambu’s kitchen! 

Visit our place!

“Another lovely reason to visit our place is the ambiance of the hospice by the banks of river Cauvery!”

Green and Calm!

Our happy volunteers!

Physiotherapy sessions

Kind hearts! 

Volunteers also provide pre and post-bereavement support to families, helping them navigate

the grief and loss that come with losing a loved one.

“By volunteering at our hospice, you can play a critical role in providing comfort, care, and support to terminally ill cancer patients during their final days.”

Social Service Volunteering

Finally, we invite Social Service Volunteers who can offer their time and skills to help with activities, programs, and entertainment for our patients. Volunteers organize events and activities that bring joy and comfort, helping to create a warm and supportive environment to our patients. 


There are plenty of such volunteering opportunities for you to pick from. For example offering a yoga session, offering a prayer session based on the religious preference of the inpatients at our Meditation Hall, non-religious based spiritual sessions, story-telling, celebrating the inpatient’s birthday, performing dance and singing programs at our hospice, can be anything.