Annai Aduragam | About Us
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About Us

What does Annai Adhuragam mean?

It’s a Tamil derived word which literally translates as “mothers unconditional love for her child”. Adhuragam, in olden days, were referred to a therapy centre where patients are treated, especially war victims. As the name Annai Adhuragam suggests, our hospice aims to provide motherly care and comfort to patients who are counting their last few days of life.

Mission of Annai Adhuragam

Free Hospice care towards terminally ill cancer patients in a home-like environment.
Though they are many chronic illnesses requiring end of life care; cancer being a sudden unexpected killer disease and with the many difficulties in maintaining such patients at home: Annai aadhuraham will
be the only one of its kind to lender help in the Tanjore district.

Vision for the future
  • To provide home care with a dedicated team of volunteers and paramedics
  • To have a free of charge outpatient service for cancer patients
  • To provide councilor facilities to caregivers and family bereavement
Our facility

It’s a 20 bedded structure in all 6000 sq feet area with provisions for three bedded & two-bedded rooms and attached bathrooms. A full-fledged kitchen with a loaded pantry. An activity and dining room, front office with a counselling center & a thoughtfully stocked library. A central nursing station with autoclaving facilities & a medical store, a single room with bath attached for the in-house caretaker, a meditation/ prayer hall common for all religions, a Ganesh temple with aesthetically designed aroma gardens along the banks of river Kaveri will be the layout of this hospice.

Eligibility for admission for in-patient care

Any diagnosed and treatment attempted cancer patients with a reference from a doctor; who has been declared as not to benefit by medical intervention whatsoever are eligible for admission after a counseling session with the family or attendees.


  • Only palliative care and not curative treatment will be offered at the hospice
  • Services provided are free of charge.
Our Services
  • Trained personnel for symptomatic treatment and pain management
  • Counselling sessions
  • Physiotherapy
  • Healing soothing Music will be played in all patient rooms to help them to calm down
  • No restrictions on visitor numbers or timings
  • Full freedom of readmissions in case of patient longing to go to their homes for any special occasions
  • Scenic location away from the noise and pollution on the banks of river Kaveri & aromatherapy gardening.
  • Last rights at death if the patient has no relatives irrespective of the religion.
Office bearers

The team is from various walks of life with doctors, educationists, businessmen, hotelier, philanthropist all with a common purpose of service to mankind gelled together.
The half-acre land which was meant for lions eye trust was donated by Lions club Kumbakonam (host) for Annai aadhuraham


Dr. S. Thyagarajan, Chairman, ST Hospital (P) Ltd
Vice Chairman
Dr. T. Seetharaman, Eye Specialist
Vice Chairman
Dr. J. Ambrose, St Martin Hospital
Dr. T. Chandrmohan, Director, ST Hospital (P) Ltd
Joint Secretary
Dr. Preethi Chandramohan, Director, ST Hospital (P) Ltd
Dr. S. Parthasarathy, Chief Anesthetist
Mr. M. Natarajan Administrator, Thilaiyambur Aged Home
Mr. S. Radhakrishnan Auditor, Radhakrishnan & Co, kmu
Dr. C. Ashokkumar CAK Poly Clinic, Mannargudi
Mr. S. Pradeep, Managing Partner, N. Dasarathy & Sons, Kmu
Dr. S. Krishnamoorthy ENT Specialist, Tanjavur
Mr. M. N. Mohamend Rafi Architect, Raffi Associates