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Chairman’s Message

Lifestyle diseases have increased worldwide due to multiple reasons.Cancer was once thought to be a rich man’s disease. The incidence of this dreaded disease has increased all over the world due to consumption of packed processed foods, smoking, alcohol consumption, plastic contamination, food adulteration, environmental pollution, genetic reasons so on and so forth.


As per Indian government statement, 60% cancer is detected late. Even among those detected, 20-30% cannot tolerate radio or chemotherapy. Few refuse surgery either due to fear or financial reasons.Hence in India, a large number of diagnosed cancer patients are not treated and they require specialised care. 


As a result of our hurried lifestyle, the amount of time spent with family has reduced considerably. In the face of today’s disappearing joint family culture, care towards the sick & debilitated is dwindling. Especially end of life situations like stroke patients, HIV patients, cancer patients are not given the necessary love and compassion. In such conditions, terminally ill patients require committed care through a common body. Hospice is one such place where the terminally-ill patients are provided with palliative care.  


Apart from basic medical needs, India has a huge demand for other aspects of medical care like palliative care. Especially charitable institutions for the economically downtrodden are need of the hour. 


Keeping all these issues in mind; a hospice by name “Annai Adhuragam” run by a charitable foundation has been started at Kumbakonam in the year 2014 catering to only terminally ill cancer patients.


During the past three to four years almost fifty odd ends of life cancer patients were rendered palliative care as in-patients. These patients were admitted and treated at the temporary building in Kumbakonam. We have now developed our own centre for providing palliative care with basic facilities. Our heartfelt thanks to the support and encouragement provided by all to make this service grow and continue.  

Dr. S. Thyagarajan, Chairman

What is Hospice

Hospice care is a type of care and philosophy of care that focuses on providing ‘palliative care‘ to patients with terminal illness and attending to their emotional and spiritual needs. Palliative care focuses on providing relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of a terminal illness using a multi-disciplinary team of medical and nursing care. The main purpose of Hospice with palliative care is to improve quality of life for patients and their families during the journey of illness.

What we do

We, at Annai Adhuragam, focus on delivering care to patients who are terminally ill with cancer and facing their last phase in life. Our 6000 sq ft facility currently supports 20 patients at a time with quality care. We provide 24×7 care and comfort to patients, just like at home. Our multidisciplinary team provides a broad spectrum of care and support to patients with different needs.

What we seek

We understand, respect and honor the medical and emotional needs of patients who are undergoing difficulties combating the disease. We invite all who shares with us the principle of love and care to the most who needs it, to join our community and provide support in terms of care, voluntary services, counseling, and donations.

Qualified Doctors

Our Team Of Medical Experts

Our holistic approach of providing support and care includes a whole spectrum of experts — medical, nursing, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual. We incorporate wider aspects of care and medical practice to bring attention to the needs of the dying, with the goal of providing patient-centered care and avoiding unnecessary medical intervention.

aahospice team

Our Facilities

We provide a facility of 6000 sq.ft, equipped with the basic facilities to provide quality care and support to the patients. Our facility our 3 bedded rooms, four 2 bedded rooms, Nursing station, Instrument Sterilization room, In-house Medical store, Kitchen, Meditation Hall and a Library with ample greens around.  We also organize community activities and speeches for the emotional well-being of patients.

rooms n beds

Services We Provide

Our methods focus on reducing the severity of illness and soothing the pain, providing healthcare and moral support. Our mission is to provide compassionate, quality care that comforts the rest life of our patients and also to support their families. To enable that, our hospice has in-house rooms for nurses to stay, Kitchen with dining and store room, Library, Prayer and Meditation Hall, Ganesha temple, center area with landscaping and green plantations and water fountain.

treating new patients
Tax Exemption

Donations to our hospice enjoy tax exemption benefits

Transparent Administration

Our funds and transactions are transparent to public

24x7 care

to patients and to their families

Contact information

No. 53/3, Thimmakudi, Baburajarapuram village, Kumbakonam taluk, Tanjore district,Tamil Nadu state, India

Mobile no. +91 94423 30839 Landline no. 0435 2480516

Annai Adhuragam PAN NO: AACTA5559L